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With 25 years spent restoring these masterpieces of Edward H. Bohlin, I have been able to compile a list of helpful and important tips to assist you when purchasing your Bohlin saddle.

  Ask the seller if any repairs have been performed on the saddle and if so, where on the saddle and by whom?
  Throughout our history just about every piece of collectable works of art has been restored at one time or       another, from classic autos to historical buildings.  Each time, without exception, when the restoration was       performed correctly, their value increased dramatically!
   Look the silver over very carefully with particular attention to detail.  Regardless of any words to the contrary, all        of Edward H. Bohlin’s saddles had one particular theme in the silver in relationship to each particular model of        saddle.  An example would be the figurines on the headstall, reins, martingale, breast collar, etc. should match      “exactly” with the ones found on the saddle, without exception, regardless of the various leather configurations.
  Check for cracks in the silver, especially on the headstall       and tapaderos.
  Try to view the saddle from various angles and lighting to       observe possible dents and imperfections in the silver.
  Check how much of the engraving is worn off.  Use the       rear cantle board behind the seat for reference.  Typically       the rear cantle board has the least amount of wear as       compared to any other part of the saddle.
Here is an example of a stress crack on the side of a Bohlin silver saddle tapadero.
   Closely examine the leather, bearing in mind that the vast majority of these masterpieces were created 60 to 75         years ago.
  Check for cracking and signs of deterioration in the leather.  It has been my experience and personal opinion,       that when the seller informs you that the saddle has “slight cracking in the leather,” you can reasonably       assume that the deterioration of the leather throughout the entire saddle is much more extensive.
  Time and time again I have witnessed where some       dealers will add a shiny top coat of conditioner to       obscure the obvious imperfections in the leather       which in many cases, actually damages the patina.       You can overcome any attempts to camouflage the       actual flaws on the surface of the saddle by exam-
      ining the backside of the leather, especially around       the bottom of the fenders where regardless of the       conditioner that has been applied, the deterioration       of the leather cannot be camouflaged.
  Very gently bend the leather on the headstall, reins,       martingale, etc. and see if any cracks appear.
   Does the saddle come with a corona?  If so, was it made         from original materials or is it a modern synthetic         version?
Authentic vintage style coronas custom-made for each individual Bohlin Silver Saddle
   Here is the most important question to ask:  Is the seller willing to stand behind the condition of the saddle or are        you buying the saddle As-is.”  My personal opinion is that I find it very unfortunate that today’s silver saddle        market is plagued with so many forms of misleading advertising that the consumer has to become much more        knowledgeable in order to make a more sound purchase.  Often the degree of necessary restoration performed        on these priceless works of art is “miniscule” compared to the actual needs of the saddle.  It is also my opinion        that more often than not, inferior workmanship is used or the seller will only allow the most obvious damage to        be repaired in order to obscure the rest of the imperfections on the saddle, thus increasing their profit margin        when in fact, their actions have actually substantially decreased the value of the saddle.
   When you are seeking the most complete and accurate assessment of the value and condition of the saddle,        always remember to seek a second opinion and try not to rely exclusively on the seller before making a        purchase of this magnitude and always have all communications in writing.

Here at Carney Custom Creations we take extreme pride in our restoration work with full disclosure.  We strive to adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, set forth by Edward H. Bohlin.

The Bohlin saddle is one of the greatest examples of western art and craftsmanship the world has ever known.  With proper care these treasures will live on to be enjoyed by future generations to come.

Feel free to email us "click here" or simply give us a call at 573-299-4747.  We would be honored to assist you in making a more informed decision when purchasing a Bohlin saddle and look forward to hearing from you.

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