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At Carney Custom Creations we are now recreating the original Bohlin style corona. Following
in Bohlin's footsteps, every corona is carefully crafted to match each individual saddle.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and also in using the original materials
that were used in fabricating coronas during Bohlin's early era. From the vintage
100% wool patterns to the virgin wool yarn "lion’s tail" which is entirely hand
sewn to take the process even closer to authenticity and achieve the
tightness and perfection in craftsmanship as Bohlin intended.

Though various attempts over the years have been made, not until
now has the Bohlin style corona been duplicated correctly.

Simply put, the Bohlin style corona adds a “touch of class” that will
compliment these otherwise flawless masterpieces of Edward H. Bohlin.

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Below is a prime example of the historical accuracy and uncompromising high standards of craftsmanship that we strive for on everyone of our restoration projects here at
Carney Custom Creations.

This is truly a stunning masterpiece of Edward H. Bohlin that we have saved from the brink of
deterioration.  By correcting all of the improper repair work from the past and custom
fitting the correct corona for this particular saddle, we have not only seriously
improved its overall appearance but also substantially increased its value.