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Custom sterling shirt tips.
Custom sterling holster with rubies.
Custom made ruby shirt tips and bolo tie.
Complete restoration after being damaged in a fire.
Custom sterling and leather flag pole holder
restored Bohlin saddle
Complete restoration including extending seat to 16 1/2
Bohlin Cooper Headstall
Bohlin Dick Dickson headstall
Bohlin Leggett headstall
Bohlin Headstall
Brown Bohlin Headstall
Bohlin Star Supreme
Bohlin Star Supreme
Bohlin Star Supreme
 Supreme Headstall
Bohlin Star Supreme
Restored Bohlin Star Supreme
Bohlin Star Supreme
Bohlin Star Supreme
 Bohlin Leggett tapadero
Bohlin Leggett fenders
Bohlin Leggett tapaderos
Gauntlet gloves
Back side detail of gauntlets
Custom made rommel reins
Before restoration
Rebuilt flat and round reins
Bohlin Ranchero fenders
Completely restored
Bohlin Dick Dickson breast collar
Bohlin Cooper breast collar
Bohlin Fernando Martingale
Bohlin Cheiftain breast collar and headstall
Rommel reins
Dress belts
Bohlin breastcollar
Bohlin Dick Dickson Supreme
Backside detail of Cooper gauntlet
Bohlin Cooper Gauntlets
Bohlin gaunlet gloves
Bohlin headstall before restoration
Headstall completely restored
Bohlin Cheiftain Supreme saddle and holster
Bohlin reins
Restored brown Bohlin
Restored brown Bohlin
Batwing Chaps
Bohlin Cooper holster
Diamond tuck seat on Bohlin work saddle
Bohlin work saddle with diamond tuck seat
Bohlin Dick Dickson saddle before restoration
Originally owned by George Spahn
Bohlin Cooper holster
Bohlin fenders
Pair of spurs made for the new Bohlin Co.