Keyston Ute Chieftain Supreme

With uncompromising attention to detail, we have had the honor of returning this magnificent Keyston “Ute Chieftain Supreme” silver saddle ensemble to its former glory.  As the photos below will clearly illustrate, every aspect of the silver, as well as all the leather had to be completely restored and in some cases replaced, along with various pieces that were expertly recreated when missing.

We here at Carney Custom Creations, along with a consensus of collectors, believe that restoring these “timeless treasures” is essential, not only for the preservation of these pieces, but also to increase the monetary value for the collector.  The fact was made abundantly clear at the recent High Noon Western Americana Auction, held in Mesa Arizona on January 26, 2013.

This exquisitely restored “Keyston Ute Chieftain Supreme” topped the Auction at an astonishing price of $120,000.00, which does not include the standard 20% buyers’ premium!  Without question, by “correctly” restoring this piece of American history, we have not only “doubled” its monetary value, but also insured its rightful place in American history for generations to come.


“How fortunate we are, historians relive the past through their
comprehension of words and their ability to imagine, where as, we
have the privilege and honor of reliving the past through our hands!”
- John Carney

Poor workmanship from past repairs before arrival.
Extensive damage throughout silver plating.
ready for repair
after repairs
Missing critical horn parts.
All holes were filled and reengraved.
The missing internal parts of the horn were replaced
An example of the many cracks throughout all the silver plates. All cracks were then hard soldered and dents straightened
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